how can i get an arrest off my record?

how can i get an arrest off my record?

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  1. Were you convicted or just arrested? Some crimes can be expunged from your record, if you were convicted.

  2. unless its a fellony
    if your under eighteen when it happened oncve you turn eightteen your recond is cleared unless its a serious arrest or charge:D

  3. depends on your age plus if anything happened after the arrest arrests don’t get recorded but felonies and misdemeanors do.

  4. yes you can but, you need to know important people like the directer of ncis, the cia or any government organization

  5. You can depending on the crime. You can fight it in court,appeal, and there are certain programs, for example, for those people caught with possession of marijuana. Also, your age could play a factor as well.

  6. well,
    become a lawyer or a judge or a political figure, but it’s not guaranteed ya know,
    just don’t get arrested again, lol

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