How can I get arrest/booking records?

How can I get arrest/booking records?

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Criminal Records, Marriage & Divorce Records, Bankruptcies, Evictions, Contact Info, and more...


My mom, now deceased was arrested and booked, but not charged with a crime in 1990-1991 (one of those years). I emailed the records division of the police dept here to see how to get those records.

1. Will I need to pay for these arrest/booking records?
2. Will there be a mugshot in these records?
3. What all might be in there?

Also, how can I get the crime records for her death, will there be autopsy photos, or crime scene photos?


  1. Are you specifically looking for just arrest and booking record. This will usually only have basic information name, date of birth, charge etc. The actual police report will have the details of particular events. Mugshots are not generally released with these reports but are public record and you should be able to request them. Autopsy records will vary from state to state, some will come from the Coroner or Medical Examiner’s office. If you mother was victim of a crime there may be autopsy photos, but I can’y say I would recommend viewing them.

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