How can I hide an arrest for theft from my record after...

How can I hide an arrest for theft from my record after the case gets dismissed?

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I got arrested for theft a few months ago and am currently on probation for a year. Once my probation ends the case will be dismissed. However, I am afraid that the arrest will remain on my record and I was wondering if there’s a way I can conceal that. I’m about to graduate from college and will be looking for a job soon. I don’t want my momentary misjudgement to haunt me for life.


  1. The arrest will always be there…

    Your pretrial intervention program is a good way to keep convictions off of your record, but the arrest will still show up..

    Applications usually ask about convictions anyway…

  2. The arrest records will always be around. If it is your first offence, and it sounds like it is, then after you serve your probation/community service or w/e and the case gets dismissed, talk to your lawyer about getting the case expunged. That will essentially remove all court documents and what not from the public record.

  3. you can’t hide it. You should have thought of that before you did it. By the way I was robbed about a month and it SUCKS. Put yourself in others shoes for once and stop just thinking about yourself.

  4. You may have to wait until the year is over. BUT, because it is dismissed, make sure it is expunged off your record as many think when their case is either dismissed or you win, it is removed. It is not. And by removed, I mean the entire entry is removed, so someone cannot run your background and find where you were charged and the case was dismissed, as sometimes they will not hire you anyway, simply because it is there. You want the WHOLE THING removed and I know in Pennsylvania, you have to file to have it expunged and that will remove the entire entry, otherwise the details still remain on your record.

    Just for your information.

  5. Sorry, it’s there for good. But don’t sweat it too much. In the eyes of most prospective employers, college student=stupid kid. Just be upfront about it. The only thing that’s going to kill you is if you don’t mention it or try to pretend it isn’t there, and they see it on your background check.

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