How can I obtain original hospital death records for my sisters death?

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I want the original report from when they brough my sister in. She died at UMC in Lebanon, Tn. Can someone tell me how to do that? I need it for closure, me and my mom both.


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3 Responses to How can I obtain original hospital death records for my sisters death?

  1. bmsp03 says:

    You would probably be able to get the report from UMC…

    That would be the starting place….then, if there were any other tasks forces involved, you could check with them to see if there is some type of scene report…that may help with closure as well….

  2. Bubbeh C says:

    The funeral home from where she was buried should be able to provide you with a death certificate. The cause of death is on it. Otherwise, check with the hospital.

  3. Honesty given here! says:

    Who has power of attorney? Who ever has the legal rights to her records can obtain them from the records office at the hospital.

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