how do i clear record from FBI database i have court odrer...

how do i clear record from FBI database i have court odrer dismissing charges?

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  1. You can’t. Just because the charges were dismissed doesn’t mean they can’t keep a record of your arrest.

  2. First the record of your arrest will always be in the records, but they are only available to police and will just show it was dismissed,

    If you were not convicted first, and latter had it overturned, there is nothing to clear.

    Only convictions will show up on the NCIC report, reported after the court conviction, not reported at the arrest.

    So in general there is nothing to clear, the fact you were arrested, is public record, along with the dismissal, and those records exist.

  3. Normally you cannot, unless you decide to hire a hacker to do that for you through the Internet. The problem is this action may add another record for you on the FBI database.

  4. You can not have expungment on federal or international crimes, let alone some states in the US, Why do people think they can have everything erased you cant some where some way some how it will always be there, doesnt anyone get it already, look dude you messed up commited a crime and now your crying its still there you made it to the feds that’s like a hottie saying she doesnt want anyone to remember her playmate days with hugh! Or these screwed up teachers molesting their students, people always know, get over it

  5. You can’t clear your "record". Once you are assigned an FBI number or SID number, the record is there to stay. This "record" shows all arrests, convictions, sentencing and it will also show any convictions that have been overturned. An FBI number is only assigned for felony arrests.

  6. OK disregard all the answers you have had posted so far I’m gonna give you the real deal (i work in this area so listen up). On a criminal history it shows arrests, convictions, and sentences handed down by the court. And of course where and when and by who.

    All you need to do is depends on where you live is is go to the counties highest court (circuit, superior, etc) and asked for an expunged form. Once you submit the form you are officially asking the judge to sign a form wiping away your criminal history. Can it be done yes it can it happens everyday.

    But even just an arrest will show and it the dispo section it will say dismissed.

  7. Okay… the person above me who said to ignore what everybody else said? Doesn’t know what he/she’s talking about. Yes, an expungment will clear a LOCAL record, and possibly the standard rap-sheet. However, the Department of Justice and FBI have access to the full criminal record, including expungements.

    Once it’s done? There’s no way to completely erase it.

  8. seeing how the FBI is Federal then you need to go to your local Federal Courthouse or the one in which you were charged and take all of your paperwork with the information giving the details of your charges being dropped or cleared, then ask them how long will it be before these no longer appear on your record. Some charges will always appear on your record but at the same time it will state that the charges have been dismissed and when.

  9. The arrest will continue to show on your FBI record. Under the arrest is the disposition and there it will reflect that the charge was dismissed.

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