how do I find a death record of my father, when I...

how do I find a death record of my father, when I don’t know the death year.?

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I know the county and state where he died, bu can’t find a record that I can view via internet. his name was Richard Leverne Stacy / died in montgomery county tennessee, ( clarksville) think he died around 5 years ago. I am his son. I can’t find any kin to contact.


  1. Try calling Kellie Jackson, the Montgomery County Clerk, at 931-648-5711. If her office does not file the death certificates, she will at least point you in the right direction. If you had a Date of Birth or a Social Security number it would help. I don’t know how common a name Richard Stacy would be in that area.

    Good luck.

  2. you call info,find out what the phone # is for the public health department,they should have a dep,called i cant think of the name.but you just tell them you need your dads death certificate.that should do it! they can look under his name d.o.b or social security # good luck.

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