How do I get a closed court case off my record?

How do I get a closed court case off my record?

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I have a larceny charge that was all paid and taken care of. It’s listed as closed but still on my record. How do I go about getting it off of my record?


  1. You should check with a lawyer in your state.

    In some instances a record can be expunged from your record.

    In Texas if you were on probation, after a plea of guilty, even if you paid the restitution, it will stay on your record.

    Some states let you expunge even a conviction after a set period of time.

    Good Luck

  2. look up the word EXPUNGE on your states web site, you have to apply to have your record expunged, if it is felony most likely will not do but if its a misdemeanor you usually can.

  3. Expunge or Expungement is the correct term. Some states allow Expungement on certain convictions, some do not (like Maryland). I would search for the State’s Court Website. It may have a form or FAQ which will give you more information on how to proceed.

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