How do I get a copy of an inmates record?

How do I get a copy of an inmates record?

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My ex husband was recently released and I need to prove what type of person he is in court. Does the court access his record if it’s from another state? Do I need to get that information?


  1. The Lawyer should have all that information but if they don’t you can ask if that information can be used in court.

  2. Some clarification of what you mean by "inmate’s record" might be useful.

    If you are merely seeking a record of a conviction and sentencing, you should be able to request a certified copy of a court document showing the conviction and sentencing, typically called an "abstract of judgment" from the court that convicted him. This document lists the charge(s) for which you was convicted as well as the sentence that was given. Contact the sentencing court to determine their exact procedure for searching for and requesting a copy of this document. In less you do the research yourself, you will typically need to pay a nominal fee to have a clerk search the index to locate the case you are looking for, and then another fee for photocopying and certification of the document, as well as postage to mail this document to you. Please be sure to allow plenty of time for this document to arrive. If you are in a hurry, it may be cost effective to employ a document retrieval service to search for you and express mail the document, keeping in mind that such rush services are considerably more expensive.

    If you’re attempting to obtain an inmate’s record of his behavior while he was in prison, you will generally not be able to obtain anything from his prison file.

    Finally, please be aware that the rules of evidence in your state may dictate how and if you will be able to introduce this evidence in court.

    Because law and procedure vary from state to state, this answer is intended for informational purposes, and is not intended as legal advice.

  3. Eric’s answer is excellent. I would add only one thing:

    Following Eric’s process will get you only the crimes your ex has been prosecuted for in that court. Like any good crook, if he has spread his talents all over the place, you’d need to contact each court he’s been prosecuted in.

    A possible exception would be any county-based court (I assume they all are, but wouldn’t want to bet on that). Any courthouse in my county can give me the information I’m looking for from any other courthouse in my county. Best to ask the court you’re going to talk to about whether or not they will or can supply information from the whole county, or just their court.

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