How do I get a paid court judgment off my credit record?

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I have a paid court record on my credit report thats bring down my score. How do I get it off,and if I cant how long does it stay on my record. It was paid when I was sued and lost the case in 9-2003 and a reported date of 2-2004.


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4 Responses to How do I get a paid court judgment off my credit record?

  1. SmartA$$ says:

    If the item is being reported correctly, then you cannot have it removed. If the item is being reported in error, then send a letter to each credit agency asking them to verify the information or remove the item. Send the letter via certified mail with return receipt.

    Again, if the item is correct, you cannot have it removed from your credit report. It will stay there for 7 years.

  2. redhairedmama75 says:

    Paid judgments can remain on your credit file for up to 10 years.

  3. golferwhoworks says:

    as long as it report paid or zero balance it will not come off till 10 years has past. If this is the case then something else is dropping scores

  4. SPIFIMAN1 says:

    Judgments show weather paid or not for either 7-years or until the statute of limitations runs out whichever is longer.

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