How do I get court records?

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I guess it would be civil court. I want to know how to get court records regarding my late father’s estate. I know a sibling contested the will and it was in court for a while in Florida.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Stan P says:

    Simply go the the local court house and inquire at their records department. Many records are public and copies are available for a small fee. Some places even have this information online. Other records are not public, and while some may be released under conditions, others may not.

    Depending on what you are looking for, much of what you seek should be readily available. Follow the advice of the custodians of the records. You may need an attorney’s help to get others released.

  2. Andy Simpson says:

    As the answer stated above, you can use online court record searches. I know of some. These searches basically provide all the documents that you are looking for, for a one-time fee.

    Just look at my the links to these sites below :)

    Hope this answers your question :)

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