How do I get my arrest record sealed?

How do I get my arrest record sealed?

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Was curious if I am able to get my arrest record sealed (not expunged). The crime (DUI) was committed 5 years ago, I live in Indiana. WHat do I need to do, if I am even able to. Is there any hope?


  1. Not to sure about American law but im sure you can only get it done if the crime was before you were 18

  2. There may be hope usually it is 7 years you have to wait, but I would call your local clerk of courts and they be able to assist you and give you direct information in whom to contact in your area for further Information of sealing your record.

  3. It will vary from state-to-state if they allow you to have a DUI sealed or not, so call the courthouse and ask before you do anything.

    Now, if they do allow it: If you have all your fines paid off and have not been in ANY legal trouble since the DUI, go down to your county courthouse and ask the district court clerk for the paperwork to get your record sealed. At the same time, they will tell you to make a court date for about four weeks out on this issue. Do it the with the clerk, it makes it easier on everyone.

    Fill out the papers thoroughly and carefully and CORRECTLY (there will be many pages) then send them to the DA’s or the clerks (or both…the clerk will tell you where they need to go when you pick up the papers). Then be sure to make the court date so the judge can order it sealed. If you miss the court date, it will remain unsealed and will be nearly impossible for you to get them to do it.

    The paperwork can be a little difficult to understand and if there is one small mistake, you can be denied your request so it would be worth it to spend a hundred or so dollars and have an attorney assist you with the paperwork.

    (The folks who are saying 7 years are talking about expungement….my records were sealed after just 2 years. And you DO NOT have to be a minor)

  4. No court can order the police to seal the record of an arrest. A court can order its own records sealed, but cannot order the police to seal there’s

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