how do I get rid of a criminal record that is over 10 years old?

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3 Responses to how do I get rid of a criminal record that is over 10 years old?

  1. Spider says:

    You need to do what is known as an Expungment. Find an attorney and have this done.

  2. MikeyJ says:

    In a lot of states you can petition the county court where you were convicted (or pled guilty) to have the record expunged.

    Often this involves the approval of the prosecuting attorney in that county.

    If you have a clean record since your one conviction, the conviction was for something that is relatively easily forgiven, and have a good reason for desiring an expungement (like it is holding your career back) then you have a good chance getting your record expunged.

    As with most things legal, it is always best to contact a lawyer and see what the exact procedure is in your state (the state where you were convicted). Good luck!

  3. simpleman133 says:

    If you are looking for a "no record found" status, Also make sure they clear your FBI file number or state file number,if you want it completely gone, if it can be done. I know in the state I’m in when we use to do background checks if you where ever convicted of any crime you would have a FBI file number or state file number even though the charge didn’t show up. Then the said person would have to prove to the employer why said FBI file Number or state number was showing. That is for adult arrestable offense’s only where they actually process and fingerprint you in a jail, no traffic or juvenile stuff.

    Most definitely see a lawyer about it.

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