how does a suspended sentence effect your criminal record?

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4 Responses to how does a suspended sentence effect your criminal record?

  1. Ferret says:

    Still on record

  2. Pu7s3 says:

    That depends on what you did to get your license suspended. Talk to your local DMV.

  3. volleyballchick says:

    The conviction is still on your record. It just allows you a second chance on the actual sentence. Your conviction will state that the sentence was suspended, though.

  4. Omar Abukurah says:

    It depends on what the case was for (the charges) and where the case is pending.

    In California, a suspended sentence means that you were convicted and the sentence was suspended – which means you were granted probation.

    Most charges, after the sucessful completion of probation, can be expunged…

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