How long after a death until recorded in death logs, or w/e.?

How long after a death until recorded in death logs, or w/e.?

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A recently lost someone VERY important to me, but I still can’t find any records of their death online..cause I’m trying to find more information about his death. He passed away at only 22 years old of cancer, sadly…about..just under 3 weeks ago now.

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  1. death records may not be placed on the net for up to a year. it also has to do with the requests of the family and this person’s preference in his will. If you really want to find out more try asking around at one of the funeral places in your town coz often they are able to help. Sometimes death records are only updated every 2-6 months.

  2. My condolences on your loss. I am so very sorry.

    The net won’t have this person’s death records, but the county will. Call the office of records for the county in which the person died.

    May you have no further pain.

    All the best.

  3. Your best bet would be to look through the obituaries of any local newspapers that are online.

    You could also contact the County Records Office. The Records Office maintains a record of all births, deaths and marriages in the county.

  4. It depends on how large the county is where the person died. I’m in Los Angeles County and it can take 6-8 weeks. You can call the County Recorder’s office in the county they died in and ask them how long it takes. Not all counties have these records online, but if you want to search online you can try the Social Security Death Index (link below).

  5. I lost my mom in May and it took over a month to get her death certificate and that was without an autopsy that can take much longer.

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