how long does an arrest stay on your record?

how long does an arrest stay on your record?

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I will be graduating nursing school and my new job is running a background check. I am 30 now and live in California. When I was 18 I got arrested twice (once in CA and once in Kentucky). I was on probation in Kentucky (minor drunk in public) and just got protective custody in CA (same reason LOL). Will this still be on my record?? I was never really convicted. Also are there any free sites to run my background check? I passed the background check to get into nursing school but am nervous :) Also i put my ex in jail for DV will it show up that I did that?? Thanks
Hey I don’t need any snide comments like "good luck getting hired".. i was 18 and this was 12 years ago! KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF


  1. Putting your ex in jail won’t but yours will.
    Though since they are so long ago, and such minor offenses you should be ok as long as you stay clean.
    Good luck in getting your job, hopefully they wouldn’t have let you into the class if you couldn’t get on from it.

  2. Yes, as mentioned any arrests and/or convictions other than juvenile convictions will remain part of your record unless/until the record is expunged via court order.

    You say you were never really convicted, but if you probation in Kentucky was straight probation rather than deferred adjudication a check will show a conviction for minor in possession/public intoxication in Kentucky.

    If your encounter in CA actually was strictly limited to being placed in protective custody (no citation issued or court appearance), then no, it would not appear on your record.

    As for the having your ex arrested, no.

    And no, no free sites for criminal background checks (unfortunately).

  3. Depends on the state and the charge. Kentucky is very good about having things stricken from the record. I have no idea about CA. That you put your ex in jail should not show up. Good Luck

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