How long does bankruptcy stay on record?

How long does bankruptcy stay on record?

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When applying for a bank job & they do background checks, does this show up and does it affect employment?


  1. Bankruptcies stay on record for a maximum of 10 years. Whether it affects employment depends on the employer, and whether it would show up on a background check depends on the kind of background check the employer does…but, yeah, it would probably show up.

  2. Bankruptcy can stay on your credit for years and yes when a job is doing a background check they may decide not to hire you. The reason they wouldn’t hire you, especially when you are applying to work in the financial services industry is that someone who has or had money troubles is more willing to steal (no offense) then a person who has a clean record and has no reason to steal. Although do not let this stop you from applying, just realize you may not get the job due to a bankruptcy and the interviewer may even ask you about it, if it happened long enough.

  3. A bankruptcy will stay on your record for the next seven years and when a credit report is run it will show up on there and it will affect employment and anything else you try to do. The only way around this is to be upfront with your prospective employers and explain about this and offer an expalnation before they do the background search and find out about it anyway. They will respect you for it and might possibly get you a good job too.

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  4. It remains on your credit report for 10 years, but many reporting agencies remove it after 7.

    Some but not all employers use credit reports when conducting background checks or using an agency to conduct background checks. It depends on the employer as to how in depth they check. I’ve worked for 2 banks and both used credit reports in their evaluation of my application.

  5. As mentioned above, it’s for a limited length of time of 7 to 10 years. However, many applications for credit (and increasingly jobs, too) ask if you have EVER filed for bankruptcy. You would have to check yes and therefore continue to deal with the bankruptcy for the rest of your life.

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