how much jail time will i get for larceny, first offense, i...

how much jail time will i get for larceny, first offense, i have no criminal record?

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me and my husband stole some tools from my brother in law’s house because we were broke and he wouldnt help us. it is the first time i have ever stolen anything…i would say the value is around 200 dollars. the police officer lied to me and told me he found my fingerprints at the scene and i confessed. my brother in laws shed door was wide open and so was his house, but nobody was home.
I am 38 years old and live in virginia. i have no criminal record and have never been arrested.
i asked the investigator if i could get the tools out of the pawn shop and give them back to my brother in law and he said they would be returned anyway. i have 3 children , my husband stole most of the items. i only picked up two things. but my husband didnt have an i.d. so the tools were pawned in my name. he also had me pawn tools that i had no idea were stolen


  1. How egregious was the offence (dollar amount) and how good is your lawyer? Those will be the deciding factors between probation and jail time.

  2. Some states differentiate between grand larceny and petty larceny based on the value of the stolen goods. Grand larceny is a felony with a state prison sentence as a punishment and petty larceny is usually limited to county jail time.

  3. Hmmm, have you started to pay him back for
    the tools?
    Do you have children?
    Did your husband help?
    This will play into it.

    So wrong to steal.

  4. For a first offense larceny with $200 or under in property it would likely be a Misdemeanor. While Misdemeanors may be punishable by up to a year in a County/City Jail, it is unlikely that you would get jail time for your first offense if you have no criminal record.

    Your attorney or public defender can offer you more detailed legal advice. It is possible that you could plea guilty to a lessor charge and thus be punished with a suspended sentence, probation, and/or a fine.

    Just make sure that you have adequate legal counsel and that follow their advice.

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