How to view public birth, death records online without paying some middleman?

How to view public birth, death records online without paying some middleman?

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I’m trying to find a way to view public records online but every site I find is just a cover for pay services. Public records are supposed to be available for free, but I’m having trouble finding them. I’m specifically interested in the state of Mississippi.


  1. You could try going to a government website that has public records on it. I found one once but I did not save the link and can not remember the URL for the site. Try typing in google or yahoo: U.S. Public Records – government website

    Update: I just did a search of the one I suggested and came up with this URL. Hope it helps.

  2. If they lived in the time of Social Security this site will help. There is some info they want you to pay for. However Social Security index is free.

  3. Fly to Mississippi, drive to the courthouse you want, wait until they open, go in and look.

    "Public record" doesn’t mean the county clerk has to put them on-line for everyone in the world to see Miss Lulu Belle was three months pregnant when she married Reginald Lee Chatsworth.

    The sites that charge are selling convenience.

    Some states have some records for some counties on-line. Some don’t. I can give you a link to California Deaths 1940 – 1995 if you like. It is free. Preble County Ohio has a treasure-trove on-line, thanks to a library that did a bang-up job. I can give you a link to that, too. Just write.

    Some US Gen Web county sites have some BMD records.
    Here is Mississippi. Drill down to the couny you want and poke around.

  4. Public Records doesn’t always mean they are for free. It just means that they are available to the public. For example, you could get your great x2 grandmothers Birth Certificate if she had one because she is not alive. If she was alive then you would not be able to obtain it making it a private record. Also according to the SSA. When someone dies they lose rights to privacy. Making it publicly available. I say this according to the SSA because according to the military you cannot obtain full military records unless you are next of kin. To my knowledge you would still have to pay. Everyone wants money. Trust, if they were for free I think 110% of us would be jumping all over it. I know I would lol.

    Meanwhile, you should try contacting the Mississippi Department of Vital Records. Also go to their website and they will definetly give you the directions to actually obtaining the records of your ancestors. Beware though sweety, they are NOT free. You must pay for them. Its not expesive either. Do you know their birth and death dates and years? Did they have a Social Security Number? If they did you can try pulling up their number at How will this help, well it will just help the Vital Records Department to accurately locate their Death or Birth Certificate.

    I think you are referring to Vital Chek or something like that lol. Just go directly to the source.

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