How & where can u.s citizen apply for a pardon? person has...

How & where can u.s citizen apply for a pardon? person has a us criminal record so he has to apply inUSA.?

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  1. call the govenerors office in the state where you live.
    I think it takes a govenor,

    of course, you need to have a really good reason.

  2. If it is a Federal record, then only the President can pardon this person. That would be through the Executive Branch. If it is a State record, then only the governor of that State in which the offense was committed can issue the pardon.

  3. Pardons are granted to those who are already U.S citizens, if you are already a U.S citizen, then immigration is not the right section fot you. But I digress, You would need to see the Office of the Pardon Attorney for an application, which is an affiliate of the Dept. of Justice. 10% of all pardons are granted. If you are not a U.S citizen, I’d tell you to forget it, it won’t happen.

  4. The State where the crime was committed, the parole or pardon board or the president of the US. I think?????????????

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