i got caught stealing, i didnt get arrested but the police spoke...

i got caught stealing, i didnt get arrested but the police spoke to me, have i got a criminal record?

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I got caught stealing two years ago now, and i didn’t get arrested but the police did a criminal record check and it was clean, they just told me not to do it again. have i got a criminal record now??


  1. Criminal records require finger print submissions so your identity can be verified. If your finger prints were not taken, the it will not appear on a criminal record check.

  2. Just don’t do anything so dumb again.

    You had a lucky escape, the police were very good to you that day. Repay them by keeping on the straight and narrow, next time you won’t be so lucky.

  3. No, you only have a record if you plead guilty to a crime. That means, you would have gone to court,and gone through that process. So its a good thing they let you go. You might not be so lucky next time. Consider that your get out of jail free card!! Goodluck

  4. i got cought stealing a deodarant the store manager call the police. im not sure if the police got my finger print or if it was the store mannager but i did not get arrested or court and i gave theme another name do u think i have a criminal record?

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