i got caught stealing, i didnt get arrested but the police spoke to me, have i got a criminal record?

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I got caught stealing two years ago now, and i didn’t get arrested but the police did a criminal record check and it was clean, they just told me not to do it again. have i got a criminal record now??


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  • got a letter in the mail to go get finger printed I got caught shoplifting two months ago what does this mean
  • if the police where not called after i was cought stealing can i still be criminally charged
  • if they didnt call the police is your record clean
  • pics of shoplifters in caught in macys montgomery county pa
  • police did not finger print a minor so was he actually arrested
  • police took my fingerprint when i got caught shoplifting
  • retail employee who got caught stealing
  • shoftlighting walmart she let me go but i get fine in mail do i go to court too
  • shoplifting for 50$ police took finger prints but not any ticket
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6 Responses to i got caught stealing, i didnt get arrested but the police spoke to me, have i got a criminal record?

  1. Shizam says:

    No you only have a record if you are arrested and charged with an offense.

  2. Chris says:

    The government will be monitoring you. Wear a tinfoil hat.

  3. Bruce says:

    Criminal records require finger print submissions so your identity can be verified. If your finger prints were not taken, the it will not appear on a criminal record check.

  4. rejectedzipper says:

    Just don’t do anything so dumb again.

    You had a lucky escape, the police were very good to you that day. Repay them by keeping on the straight and narrow, next time you won’t be so lucky.

  5. nakiebites says:

    No, you only have a record if you plead guilty to a crime. That means, you would have gone to court,and gone through that process. So its a good thing they let you go. You might not be so lucky next time. Consider that your get out of jail free card!! Goodluck

  6. gustavo rivas says:

    i got cought stealing a deodarant the store manager call the police. im not sure if the police got my finger print or if it was the store mannager but i did not get arrested or court and i gave theme another name do u think i have a criminal record?

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