i have a criminal record and i want to move to the...

i have a criminal record and i want to move to the United States from Canada?

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I am engaged to a woman from the United States.I want to move there.What is the procedure?Can i do this with a criminal record.Would it help if she were pregnant?would it help if we got married?How long is this process?


  1. the best and quickest thing to do is to get married in the states and start the process while you both stay together here. how long it’ll take it really depends and varies greatly. if your wife gets pregnant after you get married that will show INS that you live like a real family and it’s not a fake but it won’t speed things up. yet i don’t think that having a baby to use it for immigration purposes is fair and mature. i know for a fact that INS does very thorough background check including criminal records but i don’t know if they would actually deny your green card just because of that. of course it depends on what record you have too

  2. If your fiance is an American citizen, then she can apply for your green card. You need to do this at an American embassy in Canada, as your criminal record may not allow you to enter the US without a visa (yes, this is one of the few times a Canadian needs a visa).

    As far as whether you will be granted a green card, it depends on the nature and number of criminal convictions that you have, as well as when they happened. It should probably go without saying that you need to have completed your sentence satisfactorily. If your record is such that you will be barred from entry into the US, then you may apply for a waiver of that section of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

    As far as getting married, your fiance will only be able to apply for your green card after you are married, or as a K-1 and you can get married within 90 days of that entry into the US.

    The only way it would help if she got pregnant is if you are willing to wait 18 years and 9 months for your child to reach 18 years of age so he can apply for your green card. Whether or not you have American children is irrelevant to if you will be granted a green card.

    It’s hard to say how long the process will take, as I have no idea what the nature of your past legal problems are.

  3. You might have to fly to cuba then to mexico because the northern border is tough to get across

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