I have an arrest record for theft with no conviction. Does...

I have an arrest record for theft with no conviction. Does this show up on a background check?

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Will companies still hire you, and will this hurt my chances of a job?


  1. yes it does in some cases you can go online I’m not sure what state you are in but you can call your court house in your town an d ask them the website and they can tell you what too go on and you can check for yourself

  2. yes, unless your arrest record was expunged. you should admit the arrest when you apply and address it briefly. it may damage your chances depending on the circumstances of the arrest. that said it definitely will hurt your chances if you dont admit to the arrest up front and they find out about it on there own. company’s will consider this further evidence of dishonesty and you will not get hired.

  3. Arrests today are as bad as convictions. Basically, in America, if you have an arrest(NO CONVICTION) Your F—-D!!! Yea you can “erase”, it but its BS. Never laeves the billions of datta systems, and the JoB – Record Check computers , KNOW ALL. Now they won’t ever tell you the real reason you never called back or hired~ (Examp.Tresspass-No Conviction) No Starbucks, Government, Safeway-NOTHING and U wonder why were F—-d UP???? Try to repair or explain<useless. So I had to say screw and F— the system as it has said to ME! Not a scare-A reality!

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