I need to find a death record/obituary for El Monte, California for...

I need to find a death record/obituary for El Monte, California for my grandfather if anyone knows of anywhere

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His name is Allan or Allen Shirley. I’m not for sure on the correct spelling. He died in 1985. I’m doing this for my mother so alot of help would be appreciated!
WITHOUT PAYING MONEY! because we all know it’s tight right now!


  1. go to obituaries.com, they can direct you from there. you’ll probably have to pay a fee to the paper that printed it originally to get a copy but it’s usually minimal (under $5.00)

  2. RootsWeb has a death record data base for California 1940 – 1995. They don’t have one for every state and they don’t have anything later or earlier for California.


    B. 02/14/1934 in COLORADO
    Mother’s maiden name: MANQUIS
    D. LOS ANGELES(19) 04/08/1985
    [I don’t know what "(19)" means]

    The corresponding SSDI says his LR was El Monte.

    That is a death RECORD, not a death Certificate. The Certificate will tell you his mother’s full name and his father’s full name, if the person who supplied the data knew. His SSN application is $27, but he filled it out. 30% of the death certificates I see say "Unknown" for parents. 99% of the SSN applications I see have both parents filled in.

    You would have to drive to the county library branch in El Monte, or send them a request and a check, to get the obituary. He was almost certainly not in the LA Times, unless he was famous or infamous. He may have been in the El Monte (News / Herald / Sun / Star) – whatever the local paper is there.

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