i wan to buy a gun.. i finished my probation of a...

i wan to buy a gun.. i finished my probation of a criminal SIS now i dont have a criminal record? can i buy?

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  1. Considering you’re ignorant and uneducated (based upn your writing style) I certainly hope not.

  2. if you live in the states… i’m sure you can find one at your local bank if you start up a new account or some thing like that lol j.j.

    i’ve not the foggiest

  3. if at anytime you were classified as convicted felon you can not legally own a firearm even when you’re off paper

  4. What in the hell do you need a gun for? "I’m finished my probation…" blablabla Have you considered that maybe you have a propensity toward misdeeds? You wanna a gun? Go join the military and at least get some discipline, too…

  5. You will always have a record. Whether or not you can purchase a gun will depend on the laws in your state. They will still run a criminal backgrond check on you when you complete the paperwork. Why do you want to purchase a gun anyway? Is it a need or is it a want? I’m a former police officer and I don’t own a gun. So, why do you want one. You’ve been in trouble already, why present the opportunity for more trouble to land on your doorsteps — think about it.

  6. i think not BUT CALL YOU LOCATE POLICE STATION THEY’LL LET ANY , that how fine our nation is

  7. Well, when you hold up the next 711, just pretend you have a gun in your jacket pocket.

  8. you will have a criminal record all of your life. just because you finished probation that doesnt make the record go away….if sis is a violent crime no you can not buy a gun…

  9. One way to know for sure is to fill out the application to buy a gun. The state will run a background check and they will let the gun shop know if you’re legally allowed to buy a gun or not.

    Even though you may no longer have a criminal record, your arrest will still be in government data banks. A potential employer may "see" you have a "clean record", but the state will still know what you were arrested for and they will decide accordingly.

  10. if you have been charged with a felony (not even convicted) you can never purchase a firearm, sorry

  11. Here is how you can know if you are legally able to buy a gun.

    #1. TRUTHFULLY read the questions on ATF form 4473 and see if any of them apply to you.

    #2. Go to a gun store, fill out a 4473, and see if you pass the NCIC background check.

    If both conditions are met then you’re legal. Keep in mind that if you lie on the 4473, even if you pass the NCIC check, you are still breaking the law.

  12. if you have been convicted of a crime that you COULD have gone to jail for more than a year, or have been convicted of abusing any member of your family, then no. the end of your probation has no affect on the federal regulations regarding who can legally buy a gun.

  13. YES, obviously the people above have no clue what they are talking about. SIS (suspended imposition of sentence) means that successfully completing your probation means that you are not charged with a felony. As far as criminal records and guns go, if you are a convicted felon you cannot own a gun and if there has been any special court ordered stipulations then you cannot own a gun. If sentence for the felony you committed included SIS probation, and you completed it successfully you are not a felon and can own a gun. If you have committed other crimes which are felonies or have special court ordered stipulation then you cannot.

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