I was arrested for domestic violence and did nothing,but I dont wont...

I was arrested for domestic violence and did nothing,but I dont wont an arrested for DV on my record?

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My wife suffers from bi-polar disorder and wasn’t taking her medication. She sometimes blacks out and don’t remember what happens. Her sister was there an was a witness that I never touched her in fact she was hitting me. She called 911 and said I need help I’m losing my mind. Well the cops arrive and don’t ask anything they just put me in handcuffs and then in the cruiser. My wife ended up going to the hospital not due to injuries but because of mental state. There was no visible injuries and even her own sister said I didn’t touch her,also the next day she wrote the sheriff’s department and the prosecuter office and said what happened. I’m not worried about court just the fact that i didnt do a thing and was arrested and now it will go on my arrest record is there anything you can do to get it off your record except getting it expunged.


  1. The truth shall set you free.The arrest will disappear with a not guilty verdict.You need to talk to the arresting officer and the sheriff to completely expunge the record and let them know the nature of problems for the next time,cause there will be a next time.(my ex had the same problem,notice i said ex)

  2. When you’re aquitted, talk to the Record’s department, it might go off automatically if you’re cleared of all charges.

  3. You have to get an attorney. No one in the system will listen to you as far as expunging your record. A judge has to do it with a ruling and he will ONLY respond to a lawyer.

  4. if there was no evidence of a physical altercation, then the police wouldn’t have arrested you. Something had to have occurred that caused them to arrest you.

    We get calls to domestics all the time, and don’t always arrest someone unless their is evidence of a physical altercation.

    Some states automatically press charges even if the victim doesn’t, but if as you allege you never hit her and you have witnesses willing to testify on your behalf then great. I wouldn’t count on her sister taking your side though, after all at the end of the day they are family, so be careful, best of luck.

  5. Well depends on where you live. Assuming your telling the truth the cops were in the wrong. If you live in Canada, the police automatically have to come if they recieve a 911 call and if it’s domestic dispute. But they also have to question you and they can ask you for a statment. But because it’s a domestic dispute and if your in Canada the police HAVE to arrest someone. My best advice is talk to your lawyer and ask him if any of your charter rights have been violated. If so you can file a law suit against the arresting officer.

  6. Happened to me, GF called police said i hit her with a pack of hot dogs….they come and arrest me…..no proof or anything,,,, no marks or anything on her……totally false allegations and i get arrested restring order move out order the works…. court in 8 days. WTF the system is so screwed

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