I was given a summons and not arrested. Will that be on...

I was given a summons and not arrested. Will that be on my record if the charges are dropped?

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I admit I stole some promotional gift cards from a store and used them to buy food. It was stupid but my family was hungry. I was caught and issued a summons and not arrested. I went back to the store the very next day and repaid everything I took. Now I have to deal with the court. I was $29 over the class c limit and it is a class b misdemeanor. I am 26 and a 4.0 grad student. I feel I had a bright future but this black mark might ruin me. I am going to try to get into a pre trial deferment program in hopes I can do community service and not face a conviction. My questions are…
1) If I am able to get into the program and get the charges dropped after the community service will the summons be on my permanent record? I know an arrest will stay but I was not arrested.
2) If all goes well what would be on my record?
3) If convicted will I be unable to apply for government work in the future?



  1. only if you are convicted it iwll appear on your record and you must stay out of trouble or they can bring those charges back

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