I would like to get a divorce but there is no record of my marriage in california.?

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I would like to get a divorce but there is no record of my marriage in san diego california. I am looking to get married to my sweetheart as soon as I can get a divorce. Since I cannot find any records, will I get into trouble if I go ahead and marry my sweetheart? Please, if anyone knows about this or have experienced this same problem, I would very much appreciate if you could give me some advice on what to do.

Thank you in advance!!
Additional Details: I was married in 1986 in San Diego California


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4 Responses to I would like to get a divorce but there is no record of my marriage in california.?

  1. byebrn7 says:

    Is that where you got married in the first place? If not then go to that county and try. If you can’t find a record no matter what you do, then get a lawyer. If you get married again before resolveing this you can face legal action.

  2. missadvice411 says:

    That is hard to believe that if you have had a legit marriage that there wouldn’t be documentation. If you filed your tax return as married, than there is an example of documentation right there. If you were married, file the paperwork, what can be harmed? you spend some cash, but it gets done. If you have no records, then owell at least you know for sure. IF you are married to two women at once you can get in big trouble because bigamy is completely frowned upon in CA

  3. godless pagan says:

    are you sure you got legally married in San Diego?
    have you gone to the courthouse where you got your previous marriage liscence? can you contact the officiant of your previous marriage, perhaps they didn’t turn in the paperwork & you were never really married?

    i think all you need to get a divorce is the date of the wedding… maybe you can just file for divorce without the record? i didn’t submit any record when i submitted the divorce papers.

  4. Carol H says:

    you dont need record in ca,so long as you live there 6 month or longer you can file the divorce there.

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