if a death certificate state the cause of death was sepsis...

if a death certificate state the cause of death was sepsis syndrome and the medical records show neglect will?

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will the other side settle this case there are to much evidence pointed at the defendants.Can someone help me answer this question.


  1. I don’t know, but the doctor fills in the cause of death on the death certificate and signs it, so evidently the doctor is trying to hide something.

  2. My mother just died of septic shock, which is similar (an inflammatory condition).

    If you go to court, just go knowing that in the large majority of times, the jury will side with the doctor.

    If you have documentation of hospital error they might settle, but it depends; Was the patient diabetic? Geriatric? In good health upon entry? Did the sepsis condition exist from a previous hospital visit?

    All sorts of things that can be ugly for you and other survivors may come out — be sure you know what you’re getting into when you go to court.

  3. There are two classifications for how death occurs on a death certificate. First is the cause of death, probably some sort of disease process or injury, in this case the sepsis, and then there is the manner of death. The manner of death suggests how the cause of death occurred. They are homicide, suicide, natural and accidental. If the manner of death was neglect, that would tend to suggest homicide.

    You need to contact a lawyer if you feel there was neglect or malpractice on the part of a caregiver.

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