If i have an arrest record for the following things..can i still...

If i have an arrest record for the following things..can i still be a cop?

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1st I have no felony arrest or convictons..but i did plead guilty to simple assault and underage drinking, but i have also been arrested for domestic violence twice but both cases were dropped..now..i dont see any reason why I would be barred if the domestics were dropped (meaning i was innocent). And also if i took criminal justice (which im about to) would that increase my chances any higher of becoming a cop? I know this is not impossible for me to be a cop so i dont wanna hear that it is, i have no felonys, or no felony arrest.


  1. Don’t become an officer. Do something really worthwhile like joining up or finding any other alternative path besides the police force. Good luck in life.

  2. You pleaded guilty to simple assault, that’s more than enough…the rule is simple: any candidate can’t have any conviction for violent crimes (assault is one of them); they don’t care about some drinking but the assault is serious.

    Police Department get sued for police brutality every year so if they knowingly hire someone with a previous assault conviction they put themselves at risk.

    Taking courses of Criminal Justice won’t clean your criminal record; you can be a Lawyer and they still won’t hire you.

    As for the dropped domestic charges, since you already pleaded guilty to simple assault the Police will have some problem trusting your word.

  3. The assault charges will be ok but if you have domestic violence or if you have anything pending you will be turned down. I was looking at metro las vegas and they have a list on their website. Try looking it up where you are with a google search. They would let you get away with one Dui but not 2
    Good Luck

  4. CJ had a good answer. In Texas if you have not been convicted of a Misdemeanor higher than a B, or a B in the last 10 years, or committed a B in the last 5 years you can be hired. If you have any conviction for a domestic assault you cannot be a cop because you can’t legally carry a gun. So, according to your history here you could be hired but police jobs are competitive which means if the other guy trying for the job has never been arrested we will hire him instead. If we hire you knowing you have a violent streak the city can be sued if you use excessive force. If I were you – I would keep clean and apply anyway. Good Luck!

  5. Obviously, having been charged with anything will certainly not help you. If you had been convicted of domestic violence, that would have automatically disqualified you. The arrests will make it difficult, but not impossible, for you to get hired by many departments. Earning a college degree would make you a better candidate. Try to get at least a four year degree with a high GPA. There are many things that a person can do to increase his or her chances of becoming a police officer. Check out http://www.peaceofficerjobs.com for excellent information and advice about becoming a police officer.

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