If was able to get my twic card even though I have...

If was able to get my twic card even though I have an arrest record as an juvenile..?

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will i be able to get my z card/merchant marine credential

age 15 i was charged with carjacking but was dropped to grand theft auto and served 5month probation


  1. A Z-Card is the required U.S. Merchant Mariner’s Document (MMD). Many now call it the "Z-card". It is issued by the USCG only after you have qualified for (or applied for) your TWIC card. The Z-card however is no longer issued before your TWIC card is issued.
    Chances are, if you get the TWIC you will get the Z, as it is much harder to deal with Homeland Security then it is the Merchant Marine and USCG.

    For a cost of (I think) about $95.00 you can get an evaluation and a pre-approval (another $45) for issuance according to the 46 CFR 219 :

    Good luck,

    PS. No one out here in "Yahoo Answer Land" can tell you if you will get approved or not. Why? Because the issues, dates, circumstances, and details or your situation is only of concern to the proper authorities. They have rules, and they have exceptions they can make and deal with.
    But I can tell you this… since your offense does involve transportation… the TWIC card will be your biggest hurdle. If your offense involved a weapon on anyone’s part – you will be out of luck entirely. But don’t take my word (or anyone else’s) on this… Go to the link I sent you earlier, and go to their nearest office if need be… Get the facts… This is too important to get the hearsay.

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