if you have a recorded marriage license, but no cermony, are you...

if you have a recorded marriage license, but no cermony, are you married?

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A friend of mine has a marriage record in Florida, but never actually had a cermony. She wants to marry a different in NC, but doesn’t know if she can with out getting a divorse.


  1. Marriage license means you are married. If it was otherwise, ceremony w/o license, than there would be a marriage.

  2. if the person who married them ie justice of the peace or a pastor didnt sign the papers then NO they are NOT married and can continue with their plans

  3. Marriage is a piece of paper, not a ceremony. She will have to get the marriage annulled.

  4. get the marriage annulled. Goto were the certificate was issued and get advice. Ask a lawyer email Judge Judy

  5. the only thing that matters is the registered marriage. the ceremony is only fluff for the sake of tradition. if you had a ceremony but didn’t get a license, then you are NOT married in the eyes of the law. Most people do both – but some get the license and don’t bother with a wedding ceremony – they are totally and completely married.

  6. Depends on what you’re asking. If she applied for a marriage LICENSE and then never got married, then she’s not married. If she has a marriage CERTIFICATE then she is married.

    A marriage license allows you to get married. A marriage certificate means you are married.

  7. You do have to have the license, but you also have to have some sort of documentation of a ceremony, forms must be filled out by the prevailing justice, or clergymen, and they must have the right amount of witnesses, and signatures, and this must be submitted to the state in order to be a real marriage. A license is kind of like the application.

  8. the marriage license is a document that indicate you are able to get married, It even has an expiration date. If your friend was never in front of a justice of the peace and said I do, then she is not married, in order to be married the justice of the peace has to sing the license and you have to return to the town hall with it to make it official.

  9. yeah it legal.Say that your friend is not religious.She can go get the license and not do the wedding sermon.Still married threw the courts eyes.Sorry

  10. it just a license it mean that u can get married not married, you get that license before u do and she can have a ceremony any where she want

  11. If she has registered the marriage certificate and there are witness signatures, she’s legally married.
    The ceremony is just the fun part. The part that makes you married is the license & certificate, the witnesses and the official who performed the marriage. If people wanted to, they could just sit around a table with the preacher or the judge and simply state they wish to be married before their witnesses, sign the papers and then send in the certificate to be registered. A ceremony isn’t necessary.
    Your friend will likely need a divorce.
    If she gets caught being legally married to more than one person, she can get in big trouble. It’s called bigamy and is illegal. Of course, the second marriage is usually considered invalid while the first marriage remains, and is annulled/invalidated.

  12. A marriage license is not a marriage. It simply gives the official permission to perform the ceremony. In Florida the license is only good for 60 days.

    Unless there is a marriage certificate, there is no marriage.

    She can get information on whether there is a marriage certificate at the following web site.

  13. Without a ceremony of some kind, she likely only has the license to marry. It still needs to be witnessed and signed by a magistrate, minister or priest to be valid, and then returned to the country clerks office to be filed.

    She can double check with her county clerk to see if she is free….but I’d bet my boots on it.

  14. no. the license is allows U have get married. U have to have witnesses sign the document along w/ the minister/ preacher, priest. or U must have a certificate of marriage signed by justice of the peace.

    if it is a RECORD, perhaps like some formal documented certificate of completed marriage, then by the state of Florida, she IS MARRIED. your question says she has married recorded in the courts of Florida.

  15. yes as long as u hav the license your fine u don’t hav to hav a cermony the cermony is just to celebrate

  16. if the marriage liscense has been signed by a judge or clergy is the only time you are considered married, but just filling out for it at the courthouse, no you aren’t, and you have 30 days after you fill it out it to have the ceremony, or the liscense becomes null and void, they have to have an officiator’s signature. So if she isn’t sure, have her go to the courthouse where they applied for the liscense and ask them.

  17. she is married! and must get a divorce first, just becasue you dont have a ceremony doesnt mean you are not married. if you got married in court then that was your ceremnoy.

  18. I don’t know about Florida law, but in Georgia a marriage license gives a clergy or judge permission to marry you, so says my own marriage license. Whether the ceremony has to take place for the marriage to be legal, I don’t know. She needs to contact the county clerk’s office where the marriage license is recorded.

  19. Usually the state laws require a Priest, Minister, Rabbi, Imam, Cantor, Ethical Culture Leader, a judge, a court clerk, and justices of the peace to perform a marriage.

    The marriage license is just that – a license to get married and it expires. Which means that if your theory was right you would be divorced when your license expired-usually 3 months.

  20. No.You are not Legally Married ..Unless ~ your Marriage License is Signed & dated by a Judge , Priest or Minister .E.t.c ~ it then is Usually sent to main court House in your area to be filed & recorded.~ Call your Local Court House & ask ..They will be able to give you more Detailed info . Hope she has a Blessed Marriage

  21. any one can apply for a license, but if he and she did not take their vows and have it signed by the one who is able to provide the bond of marriage… you are not married

  22. Getting married is a two-step process.


    A marriage license is a legal document that tells the officiant no lawful impediments exist to the marriage. The license, which is only valid within a certain time frame that varies by state, must be completed and filed by the justice of the peace or clergyperson performing the ceremony.

    You do not need to do anything except return the license — which you legally had to do when you never married and the time period passed.

    You are not married!!!!

    I am not sure why folks do not understand the basics of the laws.

    Another way of putting this… Unless you consent to be married clearly, then you are not married. A license is a critical piece of paper that records your consent. If consent is not there, then no marriage exists.

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