If you record someone speaking without their knowledge can you use that information in a court of law in NY?

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If you cant? which state is this allowed in?


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  • can you record someone without their knowledge
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  • is it illegal to record someone without their knowledge in ny
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  • is it legal to 3-way a person and record them without their knowledge
  • is it legal to record someone in NY state without their knowledge
  • recording people without their knowledge texas
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14 Responses to If you record someone speaking without their knowledge can you use that information in a court of law in NY?

  1. mannyveazey says:

    IM sure you can

  2. HeartlessClown says:

    no. and none.

  3. redunicorn@sbcglobal.net says:

    I don’t think you could count it in any state.

  4. curio says:

    i have no clue;)

  5. Gian says:

    don’t think so, but im not a lawyer…

  6. m00nd0ct0r says:

    no. and in most cases, even if they know, they won’t let you use it.

  7. Kat says:

    No, because it was without their consent. Believe me, I tried it in Illinois and Kentucky and am told it’s illegal everywhere. You must tell notify them that they are being recorded.

  8. mono says:

    only if there was a second party in that conversation who agreed to it being taped that may only be ohio law though…not sure about ny

  9. x0x_biancaneve_x0x says:

    I don’t know

  10. 1ncebit2iceseye says:

    generally speaking unless the wire is being monitiored by the man

  11. Diamond in the Rough says:

    NEW YORK <medlgl@baldcom.net>
    New York is a one party state, however some courts will not admit an interview with a witness to an event if they were not informed they were being recorded. Apparently the judge may use his descretion.
    William Sullivan
    <CyberPI@msn.com> New York is a one party state, Per NYS Penal Law, Sec. 250.00(1)

  12. jafnarf says:

    In New York you can. But only as evidence in "your" case. In other words you can not use the recording solely to incriminate them. You have to have other evidence that supports your case. The judge has the sole authority to allow or disallow the recording, based on all the evidence.

  13. Kill All Humans says:

    you can’t unless they know you are recording them. or you can have a court order to do so.

  14. bmwrobb says:

    This may not be correct, but I am an insurance agent in Texas and we had a situtation w/a customer threatening the safety of our employees by phone. We contacted our compnay’s corporate attorney and he said in Texas(only) that it is legal and permissible in court as long as ONE of the parties has knowledge of the recording, doesn’t matter which party. This was a couple of years ago so you might want to call a Texas attorney to verify.

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