If your felony case was dismissed, do police still keep your arrest...

If your felony case was dismissed, do police still keep your arrest record or fingerprints in the database?

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I’m thinking about working with law enforcement or protective services. That’s why I want to know. Also, can the arrest record be pulled in other cities and counties? If you have no convictions, but have been arrested for felony, will it matter when you apply to work for the gov’t or state???


  1. Yes, yesyes! They may not beable to do anything with it but they can use it as an excuse to keep an eye on you.

  2. You can bet they do. That way they can match you easier next time if it ever happens again.

  3. It, in most states, depends on what level job you are applying for…but basically yes, it can make a difference…anywhere. Even if you don’t put it down….when the criminal ck is done, it will come up.

  4. Yeah, law enforcement will know. It will count against you with law enforcement and government jobs, but if the case was dismissed, you can apply to a regular job and say "No Convictions."

    If you were never convicted at all, but arrested, you better make sure there is no record or you better disclose it on your application, or they’ll just throw it away when they find out.

    Good luck, and stay out of jail!

  5. If you were arrested, yes, there will be a record of the arrest only.
    And, yes, any law enforcement officer in any state with access to NCIC can access this information. If the offense involved moral turpitude, you may not get hired. In any case, you will have a lot of explaining to do.

  6. Police agencies have a right to know if you’ve ever been ARRESTED for a felony, regardless of the outcome or not in the long run. However the report is not available to the general public under FOI because it was dismissed…so essentially it is non-existent.
    Nothing is destroyed in a police department because let’s face it, it’s a report of an event that occurred, which is also why it’s held just in case civil suits arise. on the other hand, after a certain amount of time passed the report can be purged under your state’s records retention schedule.

  7. Not sure what state you are in, but you should be able to get the arrest EXPUNGED from your record. I recommend using a LAWYER (you can do it yourself, but do you really want to?) The Judge will order all arresting agencies/state police to send the mug shots/finger print cards to you and remove it from the record.

    Your arrest WILL most likely be public record unless you get it expunged.

  8. Yes it stays in the database forever and as of January 2007 all offenses in the State of California will be DNA taken on everything I don"t care if you got arrested for jaywalking your DNA will be taken and if a refusal is given any suspect will be forced and given additional charges. I know you did not ask all that but I thought I would just share that for the people of CALi.

  9. Your only recourse would be to get your arrest expunged. Not an easy task, but it can be done.

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