If your’re arrested and found innocent after trial, then why is the...

If your’re arrested and found innocent after trial, then why is the charge still on your arrest record forlife

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Wonder how many people loose jobs, on account of a arrest record, not conviction. Actually was arrested for something wasn’t mine, it was nol prosessed but 30 yrs. later it haunts me still. Can’t get a job because of it. Never went to trial. Throwed out. Wrong person, but still on arrest record.


  1. You are not innocent, you are not guilty. BTW, if you go to a judge, you can have it removed. But, you have to ask.

  2. I prefer to go right to the top, or else you’ll get the runaround. Call the Attorney General’s office in your state and ask where you should go with this.

  3. Why would they remove your record and fingerprints if you dont apply to hve it removed??

    That’s another set of fingerprints on record for the police.

  4. Okay, first, if you NEVER went to trial, that’s why it is in your record. Besides, you can actually get some help from a lawyer.

  5. A lot of states have standards that say if you have certain criminal history, you can be disqualified from working certain positions. For example, if you were convicted of a sex crime, you’re not going to get licensed in a Private Security position in Oregon.
    The burden of proof is on you. If the background does not show a disposition, ie: dismissed, convicted, etc, some won’t even pursue looking it up. If you provide proof with your application that you were not convicted, that may help. You may also want to request a copy of your own background for two reasons:
    1. To make sure it’s accurate
    2. A lot of people don’t believe that they were convicted because they didn’t go to jail. Instead they got probation or convicted of a lesser charge and paid a fine.

    Lastly as someone indicated, you can contact the court where the charge originated and ask it to be removed. I don’t believe you would have to do a formal expungement, but it depends on the court.

  6. It would seem you made the mistake of not insisting that your lawyer initiate the process whereby a wrongful arrest and chargethat was later thrown out, is expunged from all public record. But I am curious about something. You start by saying that you were "found innocent after trial" but went on to say the case never went to trial and was thrown out. So I don’t really know which it is. However, if it came to the POINT of trial, and the judge threw the case out because evidence showed they had the wrong person, I would say you were still eligible to have the record expunged. It may or may not be too late to do it after what seems to be quite a period of time. But in your place I would refer back to your lawyer at that time and ask him what it will take to have this matter corrected, if it can be – or what document of " verification of fact" you might be able to obtain to overcome this situation as far as getting yourself hired. After all, everybody has the right to work, and you shouldn’t be turned down because of something on record that isn’t accurate. It does surprise me somewhat that the public record was not corrected automatically at the time, to reflect the ultimate disposition of the case. .

  7. It is an arrest record not just a guilty or innocent judicial record?
    You cannot get it expunged unless upon review of guilty or innocent verdict it is on a civil rights violation done by your legal establisment.
    In those states that have three strikes and Undesirable or Incorrigible status for persons it is not expunged for any reason.

  8. You can be tried and found innocent, and it will still be there!
    The real answer is if you can get a prospective employer to state that you did not get the job because of this…sue the city! They are liable! This is often what it takes to make them be accountable!

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