immigration is asking for arrest records?

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I went to the police department were they arrested me, they said that they dont give arrest records away, how do i get them if immigration is asking for them?

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3 Responses to immigration is asking for arrest records?

  1. josh j says:

    are you sure they did not mean you have to pay, in KY you have to pay 30$

  2. Nitzia V says:


    Go to the police station and request your "Criminal Record", normally they charge you around $20.00 to obtain it, depending on the county.

    If you had to appear in court, also obtain the disposition from the Judge. Anything regarding your case, expunged, seal, dismissal, etc. Anything that can support your case.

    Good Luck!

  3. Sweetharttt says:

    There probably is a fee for them to find and copy your records. Check with them again.

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