in arizona is it legal to tape record someone w/o them knowing...

in arizona is it legal to tape record someone w/o them knowing and use it in court?

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for child custody stuff. i think that the mom is gonna lie A LOT in court. but she acts friendly to our face. she only sees her daughter 3-8 times a month right now but says that at the end of the year she is gonna simply take her back full time. we only have proof (daycare records) of having her 3 days a week, so i think that she will say that we only have her 3 days a week….

also how do we prove that we have her those other days


  1. I think that it is illegal to tape someone without their knowledge and use it in court. I don’t think it is illegal to use a videotape with sound though…

  2. Yep, you can record.

    In the case of a telephone or in-person conversation, recording simply means making a copy of the conversation between two or more people. Recording is illegal in Arizona if NO party to the conversation knows that the conversation is being recorded. However, in Arizona, and this varies by state, if one party to the conversation knows that the conversation is being recorded, it is not illegal. Thus, if someone tape records a phone call or conversation involving him/herself and another person, even one who is unaware of being recorded, that’s legal in Arizona. If the same person taps into a phone line and records a conversation between two people who are unaware they are being recorded, it is ILLEGAL. Arizona and federal law are similar in this respect; however, recording conversations is illegal in certain other states unless all parties know of the recording and consent. There may be some cross-jurisdictional issues involved when tape recording a conversation across state or national boundaries. Prior to tape recording, it is recommended that you consult an attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction.

  3. If she is lying about stuff that can be documented by reciepts for example, you should not need to record her. Keep good paper records and you should be fine.

  4. What is good about taping someone without their knowledge is that you can play it back to your lawyer to show him your side of the story. Even though it cannot be used in court, he will know when the other party is lying.

    Taping an argument between my ex wife and myself during our separation, proved to my lawyer her abusive and violent actions against me. She tried to scam me out of $3,000.00 by threatening to "rake me over the coals, and leave you a pauper", screaming at the top of her lungs.

    Good luck.

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