In SC can a recorded converstaion be used in court against someone...

In SC can a recorded converstaion be used in court against someone that did not know they were being recorded?

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Three people involved in a situation, 2 people engage in a conversation and one of the 2 voice records the conversation in ref to a third person that was not there. The third person gets the recording and makes threats to take it to court, in ref to the second person involved in the converstion making remarks about the third person that was not there, the second person in the conversation did not know they were being recorded. Can/Will the recording stand up in court?


  1. Ultimately the court has the discretion whether or not to admit something like this into evidence and usually in very rare circumstances. People are not allowed to be voice recorded without their consent and if it’s the main piece of evidence in the case it is likely that the court will find it inadmissible and ask that party to make it’s case with other facts and evidence.

  2. its an illegal recording, not admissible in a court of law. A person or persons have to be notified that they are about to be recorded, prior to conversing.

  3. I just used a conversatiin recorded on a mobilein my unfair dismissalcase(that I won)
    The evidence on it was key . I also wrote transcription of the conversation
    And was ableto enter this into evidence as my minutes of the meeting.
    It can be done.

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