is an audio tape recording of a conversation without the other person knowing admisable in a nyc court.?

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5 Responses to is an audio tape recording of a conversation without the other person knowing admisable in a nyc court.?

  1. Miotch says:

    Probably, but you can use it to influance a jury first.

  2. patticharron says:

    You cannot introduce recordings made without the individual’s knowledge unless you have a court order to do so. Your attorney might be able to tell the other side that he has this recording, etc and use it as leverage, but it is highly doubtful you can introduce it as evidence unless there are extraordinary circumstances that allow the judge to rule to allow it.

  3. nana2ten says:

    An audio tape without the other persons knowledge can come back to slap you. Its called entrapment.

  4. Boston says:

    NY is a one-party state, meaning that only one person on the recording needs to know the conversation is being recorded.

  5. lordreith says:

    This is called a bugged or wired conversation and New York City is one of those jurisdictions that requires all parties to a conversation to consent before the conversation can be intercepted or recorded. Thus, it itself is against the law.
    N.Y. Penal Law ยงยง 250.00, 250.05 makes it a class E felony to record or listen to a conversation without the consent of the other party.

    No state permits recordings of this nature to be used as evidence.

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