is illegal to record conversations on your own property?

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i am talking about having a hidden recorder in a building and recording conversations on your legal is doing this?


  • can you record people in your own home in ca legally?
  • can you record a comversation with someone who is on your property
  • if someone is screaming at you from their house is it illegal to record them
  • is it illegal to record audio in your own home?
  • is it illegal to record someone in yor own house
  • is it illegal to video tape someone in your apartment in texas?
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7 Responses to is illegal to record conversations on your own property?

  1. mark says:

    Depends on the state.

    In NJ, only one party has to be aware of the recording. So, if you were recording yourself and somebody else (that was unaware) that would be legal. If you taped two other people where you were not part of the conversation then it is not legal.

    Using NJ as an example again, the penalty for illegal taping is:

    Civil liability for unlawful interception or disclosure can be imposed for the greater of actual damages, $100 per day of violation or $1,000, and can include punitive damages, attorney fees and litigation costs. N.J. Stat. § 2A:156A-24.

    There are some states that require both parties to be aware of the recording.

    Here is a state by state breakdown

    Here is another link with more detail on your question. (click the state by state link to the left for details for your state)

  2. the cats' mother says:

    I don’t know what the laws are in the U.S. but in Canada is
    is legal to record any conversation. You do not need to notify the other people that you are recording the conversation unless it is the police doing it.I could tape my telephone conversation with you without your knowledge and it would be legal. Whether it would be admissible in any court action would remain to be seen.

  3. 178 says:

    No, as this is not a public domain… No laws can or will prohibit this… its later use as "evidence" may come into question, but the act is not ILLEGAL

  4. kash says:

    If you can hear a conversation with your own ears …it means the people talking have no concern about who hears them. Thus, you can record the conversation.

    If you need to hide a recorder to listen to 2 individual having a "private conversation" where they have every reason to believe no one is listening (i.e. inside a room with the door locked)…unless you can hear them through the wall (and are recording them that way)…you’re getting yourself into trouble.

  5. Need to Know says:

    It would depend on your jurisdiction.
    I would tend to relate it to using a "nanny camera" to monitor a baby sitter. In most jurisdictions the nanny cam recording and a telephone conversation recordings are two different issues.
    Double check for your area but, If at least one resident or owner of the building are aware of it you should be fine. If your an employee with no "rights" to the building and your being sneaky you may find yourself in a lot of trouble.

  6. POST 1036 RCPD says:

    it is illegal in the state of California. At not ime can you record someone unless they have authorized you to.

    Explorer Gomez
    RCPD POST 1036

  7. Mr. Goodhi © says:


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