Is it legal to record someone without them knowing and use it...

Is it legal to record someone without them knowing and use it in court in the state of Texas?

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I am going through a rather crazy divorce/custody battle in the state of Texas. My soon to be ex-husband said that he has recorded our phone conversations without me knowing, and he let me know that he was planning on using it in court. I’m not worried about it, I haven’t talked to him on the phone since I had to put a protective order on him for harrasment. There is no conversation to be recorded. I was just wondering if it was legal to do this, because I know in Oklahoma, where I live, it isn’t legal.


  1. It is illegal to tape someone without their knowledge. This is actually a federal offense because it involves the FCC (telephone conversations).

  2. I’m pretty sure that recording someone without their knowledge is illegal and that the law is a federal law, not just a state law. I think federal law is involved because telephone lines cross state lines

  3. No. Not in any state of this country. Anyone who wants to record a conversation MUST let you know in advance. Good luck.

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