is it true if u get arrested under the age of 18...

is it true if u get arrested under the age of 18 when u tUrn 18 they clear ur record?

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i have never bin arrested my record is as clear as the wind am just asking becasue one of my friends got arrested and i was just asking to figure out for him ok!…


  1. that depends on whether or not they charge you as an adult. if you are charged as a minor then yes it will get expunged. if you are charged as an adult it stays with you for the rest of your life.

  2. In canada it is, as long as you are not charged as an adult, but i guess that’a obvious. Actually I think it may be your record is cleared after 5 years, or something to that effect, either way, eventually it is cleared, i’m positive.

  3. Hey sweety, it depends on what state you are in…..As far as i know, your record follows you, it just shows up as juvenile delinquency…….Check with the state you live in, Good Luck

  4. yes your record will be cleared when you turn 18 unless you have been convicted of felony that the state decided to try you as an adult for.

  5. I’m the law,and I say that you have the right to do anything but nothing.meaning your a**is grass boy

  6. Any offense which is handled in a juvenile court will be expunged when you turn 18. If you committed an offense which the judge waived to an adult court, and were found guilty, will stay on your record.

  7. laws are different in different state but u have to be out of trouble for so long or at the right age then you can apply to have your records sealed or ex-pungent is the word they use i think that will clear your record.but you have to go to court to get it done. or else they dint really bring it up in court or use your juvenile records but they are still their and for sentencing they look at all.

  8. This is not true. It depends on the type of crime you commit, how long ago it was, the laws in your state, if you have followed all items set forth in your probation and any other terms the judge may have set.

    There is no easy answer, it really depends on the situation.

  9. it depends on the charges, some states will charge you as an adult with some crimes, if this is the case then it can stay on your record, most others are sealed, NOT removed from your record

  10. No, your record is sealed with relation to public view. The police and other government agencies can still check you out.

  11. It depends on the state you are arrested. But in most cases No. Try to refer to the constitution of the United States.

  12. Your record is not "erased," but locked. Juvenile records are not accessible to the public, so future employers are not allowed to view any records, even if you are still under the age of 18. The only exception to this, I believe, would be if a juvenile were tried and convicted as an adult.

    Try a Google search to find more information regarding the topic, if you would like.

  13. No. It just means that if your arrested once you turn 18, you now have an adult record.

  14. They will tell you everything is deffered. but that is only in the difendants part if keeps a clean record and no more no-no’s it will always be on the record.

  15. It depends on which state you live in. In California, juvenile records are not automatically sealed. People who were on probation as juveniles can ASK to have their record sealed, and if they meet the requirements, that can happen, but it’s not automatic. I believe sealing is automatic in some states… but don’t quote me on that one!

    Probation does not just stop when you turn 18, either. It continues until the Court says it’s over. In California that can be until age 25 in some cases. (depending on the severity of the offense)

  16. Yes and no, it depends whay you’ve been charged with, if just minor things, then yes, its wiped clean

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