Municipal Court: Disorderly Conduct on record?

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I received a citation for disorderly conduct after a night of drinking.

Here is an excerpt from my city municipal court website where my court appearence is not mandatory and I can just pay a fee if I don’t wish to contest the citation..

"The Municipal Court provides a neutral forum for hearing City Ordinance cases, where the penalty includes a forfeiture…. These are not criminal charges and defendants are not entitled to a free lawyer."

From the sounds of this I’m not a "criminal" in the legal sense of the word?

Does a forteitude show up on a "criminal record".

I’m concerned because I’m in the process of applying for a government job.


  • Does disorderly conduct go on your record
  • how does breaking a town ordinance affect your criminal record
  • what is disorderly conduct on your record
  • if you are charged wiyh disorderly conduct and have a bond forfeiture will it show on a work background check
  • if you are under 18 does a charge for disorderly conduct go on your record
  • In wisconsin will a municipal forfeiture conviction of disorderly conduct affect employment hiring?
  • is a disorderly conduct appear on record
  • is a traffic violation worse than a disorderly conduct
  • are alpharetta municipal ct records for disorderly conduct city ordinace public
  • what does disorderly conduct mean on your record
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6 Responses to Municipal Court: Disorderly Conduct on record?

  1. C B says:

    It was still a violation of the crimes code. Generally there are two levels of disorderly conduct. One is a misdemeanor which is a fairly serious crime. The second is sometimes referred two as a summary offense or something along those lines depending on the state. These types of violation are essentially the same as a speeding ticket.

    It sounds as if you were charged with the latter. Depending on the type of government job it may have no impact or it could be a problem.

    Just because you are not entitled to a lawyer does not mean you can not be represented by one. If you are concerned you should speak to one.

  2. El Cucuy says:

    You only violated a city ordinance. Ordinances are applied to the municipalities when state laws are too strict or do not cover certain safety issues. Like a traffic ticket, its gone from your record after a certain time. It should not affect your employment application.

  3. impeach43dotcom says:

    I got one about 12 years ago. 18 years old, underrage drinking, they made it "disorderly conduct" instead of an alcohol violation so it wouldnt effect my car insurance or driver’s record – even though i wasnt driving, there’s some tie in with kids drinking.

    Long story short, it impacted nothing. No jobs I applied for, no college admission, no subsequent driving offenses.

    It’s not a criminal offense, I wouldnt sweat it out – but laws are always changing, I’d do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer anyway, for peace of mind. Thats what I did.

  4. Jacob W says:

    This entirely depends on the State you live in. In my state, a disorderly persons (or DP) charge is not considered a criminal offense but it does go on your record. If you were to apply for a job and they asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime you could legally answer "no" with only a DP conviction.

    If you wish to pursue it further, after a certain amount of years you may be able to petition the court to have your record expunged. What that means is the record is sealed so that any inquires about it will show no violations. However, there are some specific crimes that if they are committed subsequently to an expungement will cause the expungement to be reversed. Such as a felony or any drug related crime.

  5. David M says:

    Municipal Courts are not "Courts of Record." Convictions in Municipal Court do not appear on the state court website. It is of no concern to your job application unless you lie about it. I work for a local government. A misdemeanor conviction has no effect unless it’s a DUI and you must drive a gov’t car.

  6. Marilyn Winnekens says:

    Last year 2011, I was charged with a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. I have not been able to find a job since. I was told by my attorney this was like a speeding ticket and would fall off after a year from my record. The sad part was, I was the one to call the police to remove my bipolar daughter from my residence after she assaulted me first. She spoke to the police first and told them false information. Unfortunately I had consumed alcohol at home and I was arrested. My career has since been ended. I used to work as a health care provider. Don’t always follow a poor attorney’s advice.

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