My charges were dismissed is my arrest still in my records?

My charges were dismissed is my arrest still in my records?

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Hi about a month ago my assault charges were dismissed from when I was arrested like 6 months ago. I need to know if my arrest will still be on my public record for instance if I apply to work at a job, will they be able to find out I was arrested?

I live in Texas btw.


  1. First off it depends if it was dismissed with or without prejudice, that would determine if the case could ever be reopened. Second, most jobs ask you for any convictions, not arrests. They really should not hold an arrest against anyone, as you could have been innocent of the charges in question. Overall you should not have to worry about being able to find employment.

  2. Your arrest will be on your record till the day you die. Any police running your record will see that information. Some don’t care that it was dismissed. But it cannot be held against you.

  3. Yes if they do. You need to get a certificate of court clearance, Show it to your employer as part of your certificates. In case they will hire you, you didn’t hide anything. Honesty pays.

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