Need help getting birth, death, marriage, etc records from Denmark?

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I know this isn’t travel but I there isn’t another category even close to what I need help with.

I am working on family a tree for my son and my paternal great-grandpa came over from Denmark in 1918 so I am trying to get any kind of records I can from Denmark for him and previous relatives.

I sent a letter to, I think, Denmark Vital Records or something similar and they emailed me and referred me to a web site where I got census information but the site for parish records, where I think the records I am looking for are kept, is in Danish and I cannot read or navigate it.

If anyone knows how to get records via regular mail or an email I can use, please let me know.


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One Response to Need help getting birth, death, marriage, etc records from Denmark?

  1. aubrey p says:

    there will be no records in english…so u will have to know what to ask for in danish and how to read in danish. All records like that will be in the churches where they were baptized or the kommune they were married in.

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