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Paris Hilton has no criminal record, she has NO DUI on her record, she has never been convicted of a crime of any kind.

Say that yourselves over and over until it sinks in stupid, clueless, un-American jerks.

What is your favorite color?
SHE HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD–arrested is not a criminal record. Charged with a crime is not a criminal record. ONLY A CONVICTION is a criminal record. Until that she is presumed innocent by all good Americans, which none of you are.
Amazing how the stupid teens hellbent on ruining someone’s reputation are STILL claiming "she does now!" No, SHE DOES NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD–she has never been convicted of a crime. God damn, you’re all so stupid!
Now a retarded teeny bopper posing as a COP in LA is calling me a retard, telling me she knows for a fact that Paris was arrested for DUI! LOL! You haven’t read or understood a thing, have you!? ARRESTED DOES NOT EQUAL CONVICTED, she DOES NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD, she is PRESUMED INNOCENT, she has NO DUI ON HER RECORD until she is convicted in a court of law. Wow, imagine if this fool really was a cop! I have to explain this simple concept to a pig? This country is in serious trouble, folks.


  1. Well she has a criminal record now does’nt she? Stupid retard still has to go to court to explain herself to the judge. Besides that my favorite color is blue no purple.

  2. ha ha…this is funny…very random! I like Paris no matter what people say…

    My favorite color is PINK! : )

  3. RIGHT! )(*^(*&^_)*
    shes bloody spotlessly innocent of ALL everything’s ever.
    shes a goddess.

    quit naggin her.
    so what she got arrested.
    and probably bf’d in jail too.

  4. She does now!!! She’s an idiot…driving drunk…I’m sure it’s not the first time?

  5. Paris Hilton is a nobody made into a somebody ONLY due to the fact her parents are rich,shes a horrible actress,horrible singer,and not very attractive,loOKs she’s ok,but mentality shes retarded as a bird.the world would be fine if she would just put a gun to her head and pull the trigger,but then again she so dumb ,she would miss

  6. I love Paris. She’s not as stupid and dumb as everyone things – the whole funny fluffy act just makes good TV. She’s a very successful business women with her own album, fragrance line, Tv show, movie star career and more. I think she’s stunningly beautiful and definitely my favourite celeb. People who diss her are just jealous!

  7. dude i am a cop and i live in LA i know for a fact that she was arrested for a DUA ur just a freaking retard

  8. Yes, you’re right. An arrest must go through all the proper procedures in court (and the Dept. of Motor Vehicles for a DUI), to determine whether the defendant is not guilty or guilty. If she pleads not guilty, she has the right to take it to trial. If she pleads guilty or if she is found guilty by trial, then she will be sentenced and then it becomes a criminal record.
    I have always felt, and especially now when I read questions in the Politics & Government categories here, that all high school students should be required to take at least a semester of studying the justice system and law enforcement as it relates to a common civilian. I can’t believe so many people know so little about simple, common things like what to do or not do when you are under arrest and what rights you do or don’t have. It’s terrible.

  9. Ruin her reputation? Wow, which reputation are you talking about? The airhead slut one or the spoiled brat alcoholic? This was bound to happen. The only thing your right about is she hasn’t been convicted …YET. And if she doesn’t it will only be because of the money and lawyers behind her. I hope she turns her life around and tries to do some good with her money. Un-American to not support this spoiled brat? How ignorant can you get. Think about it.

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