Record of arrest and no charges?

Record of arrest and no charges?

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As a teen I was wrongly arrested due to some incompetence mostly relating to school staff. A staff member, who was untrained, thought that she knew better than the victim, when it came to identifying who committed the act against him. I was arrested, fingerprinted, but here is where it gets fuzzy.

I never had a petition (formal charges) filed against me and I didn’t have to go to court. I just looked at the appearance ticket issued by the arresting officer and it does not mention what the alleged charges were. There is a spot there for where he should have listed the alleged crimes, date, place, and time. Absolutely nothing is located there.

I’m getting a background check from the government, so yes, even though I was a minor, it’s sealed, I never even had a hearing, a disposition, a conviction, any of that stuff, it will likely show that I was arrested.

My questions are as follows:

1) What should the record of arrest contain?

2) Do you think I could get it altered since on the appearance ticket it mentions no alleged crimes?

3) Is it possible that my criminal history will come up CLEAN because there was never a charge mentioned, at least from the paperwork I have?


  1. You are obviously a criminal looking for a loophole. If I ever catch you I will throw you to the ground, and charge you with resisting arrest.

  2. 1. Without a filed petition nothing other than a possible complaint filed by the complainant should be present.

    2. more than likely, depends on state and locality, you may have to make a request to a magistrate.

    3. absolutely, it should not be an issue. HOWEVER, this is based upon what you are applying for. Law enforcement positions will probably question you on it. The federal gov, will investigate it….thoroughly.

    anything else you wonder just email me.

  3. I’m not a cop, but from what you are saying I’d be curious, as well! The main red flag to me was the fact that you never had to go to court. You mean you didn’t have to go before ANYONE?? Not even like a youth aid panel? I would assume that you would have had to go before SOMEONE to resolve this issue. Maybe what ever you were going to be charged with somehow got dropped?? Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

  4. Anything of this importance should be done through an attorney.. Taking a chance with someone’s opinion is risky even though i completely agree with Mr.P this is NOT something that I myself would trust anyones opinion on. My advise is spend the few dollars it will cost you to have an attorney check it out thoroughly.. It’s well worth the money.

    hahah an NO I am NOT an attorney or even trying to drum up business for one. Goodluck.

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