Small Claims Court Q: Can i use a recorded conversation as evidence if im suing someone for money?

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Can I use a recorded conversation as evidence if I’m suing someone for money?

I’m planning to take someone who owes me money to court but I don’t have a contract. I do have some recorded conversations and cellphone text messages where he acknowledges he owes me money.

Could I use them as evidence so he will not to deny it.
I’m in California :(


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4 Responses to Small Claims Court Q: Can i use a recorded conversation as evidence if im suing someone for money?

  1. trooper3316 says:

    That depends on what state you are from. Most states are "one party consent", meaning only one person needs to know the conversation is recorded.

    Twelve states currently require that BOTH or ALL parties consent to the recording. These states are:

    New Hampshire

  2. danny14551 says:

    Depends on your state and where the conservation took place.

  3. thunderchic111 says:

    The text messages are definately usable because the other person knew that it was a message and could be kept. The recorded conversations aren’t usually admissable in court unless you clearly state to the other person that they are being recorded.

  4. laughter_every_day says:

    If these were telephonic conversations, then some states require the consent of both parties. If the conversations were in person, they can be used. That doesn’t mean he can’t deny something. he can deny anything. He could deny that is his voice. He could claim you faked the tape.

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