what does 999999999 mean on court case record ?

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inmate was arrested 4 felony and released ssame day court case file says 999999999


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2 Responses to what does 999999999 mean on court case record ?

  1. SALMON says:

    It means if he was the next case record he would have won the GRAND PRIZE for being the Billionth "Felon"…..
    There would have been balloons,streamers, girls in bikinis,a giant check & a trip to Fiji…..

    Soooooooo close…….

  2. wykedguy says:

    It is obviously a section that requires a number to be filled in before the record can be processed. 00000000, 11111111, etc. are usually simply used to fill in the record, when that particular information is not known or does not exist and the number is not necessary, so the record can be processed.

    It could also be the disposition code for a Felony arrest. Never know until you call the court and ask.

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