Where can i find a FREE death record for my father, Craig...

Where can i find a FREE death record for my father, Craig S. Brandom who died Jan 30 1993 in Newark, Ohio..?

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Hello, I am a 21 year old female trying to find information about my father who died when i was around 8 … in the year of 1993…his birthday is July 20th 1963.. i would like to find an obituary if i can or a death record… i am also trying to contact his sister but i dont even know her name… they were from zanesville, ohio … he attended West Muskingum High School in the 80s.. please if anyone can help let me know :)
OK … thanks for the responses .. now i would like to find an obituary


  1. you can go to your library and ask them to order the microfiche of the newspaper with the obit in it. or maybe the zanesville public library can help you out. the library may also help you in finding his sisters name to by looking at old high school year books. hope that this helps you

  2. hello getrdone? I have just done a search for the information you asked for, I have got the information would you like to email me, my email address is mamsgel1956@yahoo.co.uk I can put it on here for you but I think you would be better reading it privately, if you could let me know asap please. Diane.
    Here is some of the information for you.
    Name…………..Craig S Brandom
    Birth Date…….20 July 1963.
    Birth City……..Zanesville.
    Birth County..Muskingum.
    Birth State…..Ohio.
    Birth Country..United States
    Hispanic Origin…Not Hispanic.
    Death Date……30 January 1993.
    Death Time…..12:44am.
    Hospital of Death …Licking Memorial Hospital..
    City of Death… Newark.
    County of Death …Licking.
    Age at Death …29.
    Hospital Status… Hospita/ER-Outpatient.
    Injury in Ohio….Yes..
    County of Injury…Licking.
    Social Security Number ***-**-****
    Fathers Surname.. Brandom.
    Mothers Maiden Surname… P*****
    Marital Status….Divorced.
    Education **
    Industry of Decedent Own Home/At Home.
    Occupation of Decedent **********,***** ******,********,*****,******.
    Primary Registration….****.

    Where I have concealed words and numbers if you would like to contact me I can fill in the missing numbers and words for you, if you don’t mind.

  3. Contact the library in the city your father lived in at the time of his death. Ask which newspapers cover obituaries. Contact that newspaper, ask for the archives/obituary section and explain what you want. It may take several days or a month, but you should get some results. Good luck.

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