Where can I find ABSOLUTELY FREE death records?

Where can I find ABSOLUTELY FREE death records?

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Criminal Records, Marriage & Divorce Records, Bankruptcies, Evictions, Contact Info, and more...


No strings attached; no subscriptions; no payment required to search AND view death records. THE ENTIRE DEATH RECORD. No need to pay to see the entire thing.


  1. No where.
    Death records are government documents, and controlled according to law. In SOME LOCATIONS, you can find historical death certs (www.familysearch.org, search, record pilot is one of those). They ARE NOT recent records, since those are normally restricted.
    There are "strings" to getting any kind of information… the string being that you need to know (1) exactly what you are looking for and (2) the applicable laws that relate to them.

  2. In addition to what Wendy said, they are NOT FREE either. There are fees in obtaining a copy of one, and you must be a direct descendant of the person for whose death record you are trying to get. You cannot get just anyone’s death certificate. Furthermore, they are also protected by virtue of HIPPA laws, which protect access to medical records. Death certificates contain personal medical information, such as cause of death.

  3. Right here:

    Here is a partial list of counties and dates, too:

    (Whoops – their server is down. But if you go there in an hour or two you’ll be able to see the counties and dates. It is 4 am Pacific time at the moment.)

    There are some free death indexes;

    Illinois Deaths, 1916 – 1950

    California Death Records, 1940 – 1997

    Social Security Death Index
    85,156,742 Records
    last updated on 9-28-2009

    There isn’t a nation-wide site. If you either ask again or edit this question to specify a county, state and time frame, someone may be able to point you in the right direction.

    99% of the death records on-line are indexes, not scanned images of "THE ENTIRE DEATH RECORD". Some have mother’s maiden name and father’s surname; most just have the name of the dead person, birth and death date, death county.

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